Christine Valls


Christine Valls
Sales Director
Central & South America American Airlines

Olga M. Ramudo


Olga M. Ramudo
President & CEO
Express Travel

Staff Contact


Continue to facilitate relationships between the Chamber and Cuba to grow the relationships with small businesses on the Island nation.

  • Be a repository on information about Cuba. Ensure that all information that is disseminated remains non-political and accurate
  • Create a database of local businesses that have established businesses/partnerships in Cuba and highlight the community impacts to both countries
  • Continue to focus on roundtable discussions and seminars to keep members updated on progress and involved in assisting with the growth of businesses on the island
  • Engage with groups (i.e. InCubando, Cuba Now) traveling to/from Cuba to keep members up-to-date on Cuba policy and important issues
  • Develop opportunities to highlight/engage with island nation culture (i.e. art, education, healthcare). 

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