Leadership Miami®

William Dukes

Staff Contact



Leadership Miami® is an annual program sponsored by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and several of Miami-Dade County's premier companies, local agencies and corporations. The program is targeted towards men and women interested in making Miami a better place to live.

Leadership Miami® offers its members the opportunity to meet Miami's leaders and to share an intensive learning experience that focuses on community issues and leadership skills. The purpose of Leadership Miami is to prepare the next generation of Miamians to meet future challenges. The program provides members with lectures, seminars and small group discussions and leadership skills exercises to address vital issues affecting Miami-Dade County. This dynamic format stimulates vigorous and animated discussions by all participants.


Incorporate a Leadership Skills Development Curriculum into the program’s Focus Sessions and other activities:

·         Work with leadership faculty from member universities and other Chamber leaders to identify six to eight key skills for being a successful leader specifically within the greater Miami-Dade community

·         Create instructional activities that divide these skills among each day of Opening Conference and the six Focus Sessions that follow

·         Provide optional activities that participants may do to further practice and develop the skill addressed

·         Ensure the curriculum is sustainable and transferable so it can be implemented by future LM planning committees


Increase the conversion of program participants into active chamber members:

·         Broaden the committee-match fair that was held for LM37, and ensure at least 90% of participants join at least one committee

·         Work with the other Leadership Programs (SEO and HYPE Miami®) to create joint experiences for the participants

·         Include the meetings of other Chamber committees as fieldwork activities for participants

·         Increase the involvement of other committee leaders in the planning and execution of the program, especially relevant focus session topics and fieldwork activities


Increase the percentage of participants that fully engage with the program:

·         Ensure at least 85% of participants meet the minimum requirements for graduation (80% of focus sessions, eight fieldwork activities, active participation in team project, etc.)

·         Plan objectives, topics, and activities for focus sessions at the summer planning retreat; finalize agendas for each session 60 days prior to each; communicate session topics at Opening Conference, and announce finalized agendas at the previous session

·         Provide ongoing training in leadership and facilitation skills for program facilitators

·         Increase the frequency of participation reviews and communication with participants about their progress


Generate more than 200 applicants and make LM a competitive selection process with a maximum of 120 participants:

·         Generate a targeted list of sponsor companies that "should" be submitting applicants, both from within the Chamber and the community at large

·         Utilize existing collateral and Chamber connections to facilitate meetings with key decision makers

·         Create a Leadership Miami® Recruitment Page on the Chamber website and a LM38 LinkedIn Group to capture leads of prospective participants, and communicate with them concerning applications, promotions, etc.

·         Have applications ready for distribution to the community by July 1, 2016