Ira Rosner
Vice Chair
Holland & Knight, LLP

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Enhance participation quantity and quality in the South Florida Good to Great Awards® and Top Entrepreneurial Awards programs through improved application processes, entrant involvement, and multiple event opportunities:
  • Organize an interactive Award Season Kickoff reception (which could be expanded to include all Chamber award programs)
  • Host finalist/sponsor reception for award programs
  • Schedule a workshop with past judges and recipients for do’s and don’ts of completing applications
Create an Innovation Event Series focusing on innovation and its impact on/benefit from entrepreneurship:
  • “Switch pitch” event whereby established companies provide a novel problem to be solved by innovators
  • “Shark Tank” event where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to different fields, professionals, and Chamber committees, and act as an advice lab
Create cross committee programs to focus on impact of innovation on established businesses and emerging markets, i.e. the impact of technology on transportation or the impact of on-line financial services on traditional banks:
  • Present innovation topics from the perspective of the innovator and the established business
  • Expose entrepreneurs and create a platform to introduce innovators to the Chamber
Work with established business leaders and innovators to identify the advantages and challenges for entrepreneurs in Miami:
  • Focus on Miami as a center of innovation – create a program culminating in why/why not Miami?
  • Create SWOT analysis – how are we positioning Miami?
  • Collaborate with The Beacon Council to identify resources for entrepreneurs/start-ups; help bridge the gaps between investors and innovators; educate and compile and disseminate information


Additional Committee Programming

Business Innovation
Business Innovation is an educational series (lunch and learn-style programming) that highlights South Florida’s most celebrated business leaders and targets issues critical to predominantly small and entrepreneurial businesses for which the region is known. The programs offer attendees the opportunity to meet local C-level executives and gain knowledge from their expertise, as well as provide the necessary resources and best practices in today’s challenging and fast-paced economic business climate. Additionally, in tandem with the Chamber’s Banking & Finance Committee, the series offers critical education, information, resources and programming from local experts and business schools at participating  universities that focus on topical business issues for South Florida’s small business owners, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders.