Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Wilson Previews Florida 2030 Statewide Findings

 Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Wilson Previews Florida 2030 Statewide Findings

Yesterday, Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, presented Florida 2030 statewide strategic plan findings during a keynote speech to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce March Trustee Luncheon. 

“Year after year, the Florida Chamber has been at the forefront of solving issues that impact the competitiveness and future of Florida’s business climate. Our focus remains steadfast in our efforts to be the driving force uniting Florida’s business community, creating economic opportunity and growing jobs,” Wilson said. “Florida is changing. Our economics, our demographics and our politics are all changing and these changes are both opportunities and challenges."

Research from Florida 2030 shows that five of the top 10 zip codes of households in poverty are located in Miami-Dade.

“There were 5,209 kids in Miami-Dade that didn’t graduate from high school in 2017 with their peers. Those kids will likely earn $250,000 less than their peers who did graduate,” Wilson said. “Florida should be redoubling its efforts on K-12, workforce education, and expanding access to pathways for students to transition from learners to earners."

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Wilson also highlighted areas of research which identified where Florida should focus energy and resources to help secure Miami-Dade's and Florida’s future, including: population growth, third-grade reading, high school graduation, infrastructure investments and economic development.

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida 2030 Report is a two-year research program that is stimulating strategic thinking about Florida’s future, engaging business and community leaders in each of Florida’s 67 counties, and identifying key trends and factors that can drive their regional economy. To learn more about Florida 2030, click here

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