The Healthcare Committee supports the Chamber’s overall strategic plan by creating an entry point for health-related organizations to network and discuss timely issues; and promoting partnerships with regional and local health organizations. The committee supports Chamber members by empowering them to provide the most appropriate health and wellness programs for their employees while supporting community efforts to build the overall health necessary to constantly improve the workforce and improve South Florida’s position as a world-class place to live, work, and play. The Committee directly helps Chamber members learn more about options and increase their satisfaction with/confidence in the plans they offer:

Cliff Bauer


Cliff Bauer
Sr. Vice President-Operations
Miami Jewish Health Systems

Brian Brown

Vice Chair

Brian Brown
Head of Group Sales & Retention

Staff Contact


Directly help Chamber members learn more about options and increase their satisfaction with/confidence in the plans they offer.

  • Host one event on a theme related to this strategy, such as how to use technology for workplace wellness; how to launch a cost-effective employee wellness program; how to understand the latest trends in health plan design
  • Partner with at least one community partner for event
  • Attract at least 50 participants to event

Improve Chamber members’ ongoing satisfaction with their ability to provide the most appropriate health programs for their employees, including mental/behavioral health, medical insurance and workplace wellness:

  • Add one or two permanent questions to annual Chamber members’ survey in order to know if our programs and relationships are helping chamber members feel more confident that they understand the marketplace and are offering the “right” plans

Strengthen the Healthcare Committee as a must-attend event among Chamber members (and future members) with business interests in the health sector:

  • Meet at least five times in committee per year
  • Attract at least 20 participants per meeting
  • Invite one community partner organization to each meeting
  • Hold one 15- to 20-minute presentation each meeting on an issue of specific interest to businesses in the health sector

Maintain the Healthcare Committee’s signature Chamber programs:

  • Continue to grow both attendance and net financial performance of Healthcare Heroes
  • Continue to maintain a healthcare legislative subcommittee to provide regular updates at committee meetings and draft recommended legislative priorities

Convene task force to review Population health issues specific to Miami-Dade area that is likely impacting business community and that by Chamber
becoming involved, can make a positive impact.

  • Identify one or two Population health characteristics that Miami-Dade shows opportunity to improve
  • Reach out to Community Health organizations to partner in developing a program/resource for business use in addressing the identified population health topic(s)

Additional Committee Programming

Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
Bank of America
CareerSource South Florida
Carnival Corporation & PLC
Florida International University
Florida Power & Light
Wells Fargo