International Business

Hernando Gomez
Director, Business Valuation & Litigation Support
The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s International Business Group serves the membership as a resource center to identify and examine the range of global business issues and opportunities that are of interest to the community, local business organizations and universities.
The efforts of this team aim to provide the international pulse, up-to-date market opportunities, and outreach to multinational businesses, local international organizations, Consular Corps, trade representatives, binational chambers and visiting dignitaries.
By working with local, state and international economic development agencies, the Group is able to identify and seek solutions to global business issues that impact Florida.
Additional Committee Programming

The awards recognize businesses and individuals engaged in international activities, whether for profit or not for-profit, that significantly impact the economy of the state of Florida. Awards are presented in the following categories: Best New Business, Innovative Practices, International CEO, International Governmental Affairs Individual, International Technology Executive, International Accounting Professional, International Attorney and Up and Comer.