Senior Executive Orientation®

2019 Senior Executive Orientation Application

Moving into a new community or assuming new executive responsibilities can be challenging. That is why the Chamber has been welcoming executive newcomers to the Greater Miami community through its Senior Executive Orientation® (SEO) program since 1988. SEO is designed to help newly relocated or newly promoted executives and their spouses have a memorable and informative transition.

Through the program participants meet people, see places and gain insights and perspectives about Greater Miami that take others years to discover. SEO offers this unique and exciting series of special events to senior level executives and provides the opportunity to make a rapid transition by connecting participants to the leaders who know Miami best.

This committee is responsible for the planning of the annual program. Committee members must be Trustee members or higher in good standing of the Chamber.



Norie del Valle
Vice President, Development
United Way of Miami-Dade

amy furness

Vice Chair

Amy Furness
Carlton Fields

Staff Contact


Build a 2018 Senior Executive Orientation class of at least 17 qualified participants

  • Expand existing outreach and awareness activities to include targeted, personal outreach to HR professionals, leasing agents, and CEOs
  • Partner with like-minded civic organizations to recruit members including The Beacon Council, United Way, GMCVB, and others
  • Utilize volunteer research and committee members to develop a list of at least 50 participant prospects by December 1, 2018

Elevate the profile of the SEO program within the community with added outreach, marketing, communications and partners

  • Ensure event calendar and guest speakers are confirmed in advance to fully promote the value of the program early
  • Utilize photos, testimonials, and high-profile volunteers to promote the program throughout the year
  • Engage partner organizations to leverage their communications tools to help promote the program

Create a calendar of events that engages participants in impactful experiences to generate passion and excitement to further involvement in the program, our community and the Chamber

  • Ensure that every SEO event/activity is impactful by featuring topics that are relevant and timely
  • Provide access to high-profile opinion leaders who are involved or have created a positive impact in our community
  • Encourage community service and future Chamber participation through these events by highlighting the value of volunteerism
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate with other Chamber Leadership groups to provide connectivity to each other, the Chamber, and the community

Connect SEO program into Chamber’s broader membership and financial goals

  • Develop a list of at least 15 sponsorship prospects by December 1,2018 including prior-year sponsors, with a goal of securing one program presenting sponsor and six event sponsors

Additional Committee Programming

Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
Bank of America
CareerSource South Florida
Carnival Corporation & PLC
Florida International University
Florida Power & Light
Wells Fargo