Since before Miami’s incorporation in the 1896, this region has been a hub of international trade.  All the more in this day and age, Miami-Dade is not only a hub for trade to and from Latin America, but in recent years we’ve experienced dramatic growth from Europe, and now Asia. It’s no wonder that Miami is classified as an “Alpha – World City” by the World Cities Study Group. 


The International Business Committee serves as a global resource center that identifies, examines and fosters issues and opportunities, involving international trade and business. Issues that are both of interest and value to Chamber members, local businesses, higher education institutions and the community at large. 



  • Promote trade by hosting overseas missions focused on promoting opportunities for South Florida businesses relating to the targeted countries and in partnership with local airlines, local organizations and government entities
  • Keep members informed about new trade and policy issues and support Chamber’s advocacy efforts on international business issues, Trade Agreements and Tariffs
  • Expand community outreach to Caribbean, European, Asian and Latin American consulates, trade officers and 
  • bi-national chambers
  • Partner with local airlines to host at least one overseas mission
  • Provide programming that is relevant, interesting and informative to a diverse group of stakeholders     

Participation in the International Business Committee is open to all Greater Miami Chamber members who have interests or concerns related to international business and cultural exchanges. Committee members include businesses involved in international trade and related industries, consular corps officials, international industry professionals and key stakeholders in the international arena and those members interested in these areas.

The International Business Committee is led by a Committee Chair and Vice Chair, who are elected by the Board of Directors for a one-year term.  The Committee Chair is responsible for the effective functioning of the International Business Committee and its task forces and ensuring its goals and activities are aligned with the committee’s mission and objectives.



Throughout the world, almost all countries require regulatory or shipping certificates from the country that is shipping the goods. The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce issues the following documents quickly and securely via its online platform: Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Certificate of Origin (COO or CO). The Chamber issues certificates to US-based companies that can prove that they are a US company by providing the correct verification documents. These documents are a requirement to get your product registered with the foreign country and to allow the entry of your goods through Customs. Through its partnership with FTGS, the Greater Miami Chamber can also get your certificates legalized and apostilled online with an expedited timeline. Sign up here:



Miami Chamber Alex Fuentes

International Business, Vice Chair

Alex Fuentes
Director, Business Development and Consulate/Embassy Relations
Baptist Health International

Alejandra Collarte

Consular & Trade Representatives, Chair

Alejandra Collarte
Collarte & Associates, LLC

Jose Rojas

Consular & Trade Representatives, Vice Chair

Jose I. Rojas

tomas abreu

Consular & Trade Representatives, Vice Chair

Tomas Abreu
Honorary Consulate of Monaco in Miami

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