Surfside Small Business Recovery Fund

The Surfside community continues to recover from the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South on June 24. While nothing compares to the loss of human life, part of the indirect damage this horrific event has caused is with the local economy in the area. Small businesses in Surfside affected through no fault of their own are seeking our help. As the champion for the business community, the Greater Miami Chamber, in partnership with the South Florida Progress Foundation, has set up a fund to help businesses who have been impacted by this unexpected tragedy.

Contributions to the Surfside Small Business Recovery Fund will help small family-owned businesses, independent restaurants and retail establishments recover from the business operating losses they have experienced.

Throughout this difficult time, many of these businesses have opened their doors and services to first responders, families of those affected, and community members. As streets remain closed in the area and many of these businesses are still struggling to recover from coronavirus loses, this disaster has caused even more unexpected economic hardship. If you wish to donate to help these small businesses that may be hurting, please click the link below.



Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
CareerSource South Florida
Carlton Fields
Florida Power & Light
TD Bank
University of Miami
Wells Fargo