Irrelevant of one’s political bent, the governmental process impacts all facets of life In Miami-Dade County, with nearly 40 municipalities and as a literal epicenter of the State and National political process, it is crucial to have access and visibility within these different constituencies. 


The Governmental Affairs Committee advocates for key issues that impact both the business community, and our community as a whole.



  • Further the process of in-person advocacy
  • Ensure that the Chamber has a continuous voice in the political process
  • Support members/causes in need of advocacy


Participation in the Governmental Affairs Committee is open to all Greater Miami Chamber members. Committee members include businesses and organizations with strong interests in the political process, business professionals, elected officials, and individuals seeking a voice in the governmental process. The advocacy strategies are informed by the committee members and developed by a core group of professionals.


The Government Affairs Committee is led by a Committee Chair and Vice Chair, who are elected by the Board of Directors for a one-year term. The Committee Chair is responsible for the effective functioning of the Government Affairs Committee and ensuring its goals and activities are aligned with its mission and objectives.  



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Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation



Alex Dominguez


Alex Dominguez
Director for Corporate External and Legislative Affairs

Vicki L. Lopez

Vice Chair

Vicki L. Lopez
VLL Consulting

Committee Updates

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Miami Chamber Endorses Gold Standard Bus Rapid Transit for South Dade Corridor

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