Moving into a new community or assuming new executive responsibilities can be challenging. That is why the Greater Miami Chamber has been welcoming executive newcomers to the Greater Miami community through its Senior Executive Orientation® (SEO) program since 1988. SEO is designed to help newly relocated or newly promoted executives and their spouses have a memorable and informative transition.

Through the program participants meet people, see places and gain insights and perspectives about Greater Miami that take others years to discover. SEO offers this unique and exciting series of special events to senior level executives and provides the opportunity to make a rapid transition by connecting participants to the leaders who know Miami best.



The program begins each year in January and continues through May. Participation is limited to just 35 executives each year and the SEO Planning Committee determines selection for the program. Besides in-depth understanding of the Miami community, its issues and challenges, participants will also enjoy exciting tours, social events and have the opportunity to meet new people.

  • Learn about the many advantages of living in South Florida, from its rich diversity of cultural, entertainment and educational offerings to its unlimited business opportunities
  • Connect with Miami’s “movers and shakers” attaining introduction to the region’s leadership as well as other executives
  • Fast track your readiness to join the business and political mainstream of Greater Miami
  • Shorten your learning curve about South Florida’s economic, civic and political structure
  • Visit select locations and socialize with other new executives as well as long-time residents

Join the ranks of other senior executives who cite their SEO participation as one of the highlights of living in South Florida and as enormously valuable in their rapid, successful transition into the community.

Staff Contact

Elizabeth Galvez