Greater Miami Foreign Trade Zone

Founded in 1976, the Greater Miami Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. (GMFTZ) is the Grantee for FTZ #32.  The GMFTZ views the FTZ program, which it administers in its defined Service Area (see attached Map depicting Service Area highlighted in red), as an economic development tool capable of providing benefits to companies located in the Greater Miami area as well as to companies looking to locate in the area.


As a Grantee, GMFTZ is responsible for providing general management of the zone and ensuring that the reasonable needs of the business community are served through (1) sponsorship of FTZ designation and production applications to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board, with the companies interested in obtaining the FTZ benefits preparing the applications; and (2) sponsorship of FTZ activation and alteration applications filed with Customs & Border Protection, with the companies interested in utilizing the FTZ preparing the applications.


In its role as a Grantee, the GMFTZ is responsible for ensuring (1) that FTZ #32 is operated as a public utility, with all rates and charges for all services or privileges within the zone being fair and reasonable; (2) that any entity interested in securing and using FTZ benefits at FTZ #32 be provided uniform treatment under like conditions to all other zone participants; and (3) that the Annual Report to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board be timely filed. 


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Certificates of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a document which attests that the goods in a particular export shipment have been wholly produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.  "Origin" does not refer to the country where the goods were shipped but to the country where they were made.

The U.S. has trade agreements with many foreign countries, and under the terms of many of these agreements, American products receive lower tariff rates or are not subject to a tariff. The foreign customs office verifies whether a product qualifies for preferential duty rates based on the information on the Certificate of Origin that accompanies the documentation associated with the shipment.

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