Greater Miami Foreign Trade Zone

Founded in 1976, the Greater Miami Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. (GMFTZ) is the grantee of the license for the Miami Free Zone, a 47-acre foreign trade zone that is the essential hub to Latin America and the Caribbean for hemispheric trade. It employs nearly 1,000 people and more than $1 billion in goods pass through its 825,000 square feet of facilities every year.

Free trade zones are federally designated areas that are officially outside of the commerce and customs territory of the United States. Foreign and domestic merchandise is admitted into the Miami Free Zone every day for operations such as storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacture, redistribution, processing, and more.

Free trade zones are essential to the rapid movement of goods and services in a global, hi-tech marketplace. Products are imported from more than 65 countries into the Miami Free Zone and exported to more than 75 countries worldwide. Companies are able to operate in the zone without being subjected to federal entry procedures or federal excise taxes, while minimizing involvement from other regulatory compliance agencies.

Also known as Zone #32, the Miami Free Zone is one of the largest privately owned and operated general purpose foreign trade zones in North America. As grantee of the license, the Greater Miami Foreign Trade Zone is responsible for making sure that the zone is operated in accordance to the rules and regulations of the federal government. It files annual reports to the Foreign Trade Zone Board in Washington, D.C. and processes all applications for expansion, modification and creation of sub-zones. The current operator of Foreign Trade Zone #32 is FTZ World Services LLC.


Alejandra Collarte
University of Miami

Ines Calderon
Calderon & Associates LLC

Olga Ramudo
Express Travel

Jose Rojas
DeMahy Labrador Drake Victor Rojas & Cabeza

Arcelio Gerardo
FTZ World Services

Executive Director
Liane Ventura
Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

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