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Erbi Blanco-True
CRA Advisor
Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

Brian San Miguel

Vice Chair

Brian San Miguel
Market President

Gladys Reed

Vice Chair

Gladys Reed
Executive Vice President/Market President

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Created in 2009 during the economic downturn in order to better understand the implications and complexities of new Dodd–Frank regulations; the committee has evolved to address not only a broad range of regulatory concerns but other issues affecting the banking and financial services industry including cyber security, community development, housing, business and corporate needs, talent acquisition, competition and other relevant topics.

Keep members informed on current and new banking-related issues and regulations through programming series:

  • Provide programming that is relevant, interesting and informative to a diverse group of stakeholders. 
    • Organize at least two forums, winter and spring, building upon previously presented topics such as CRA & Community Development and CEO Roundtable
    • Organize and present 2018 South Florida Economic Summit in January
  • Explore new creative ways to engage the banking & financial services community.
    • Organize a new program in the fall, possible topics and issues include FIN TECH, Women in Banking, cyber security, talent acquisition/training, technology/vendor management and regulatory issues
  • Obtain feedback from event attendees to improve content for future endeavors.
    • A survey will be sent after each event

Measures of Success: Increase attendance and ROI by 10 percent.
Enhance partnerships with local organizations to provide timely and accurate information to the community:

  • Continue partnerships with other banking institutions such as FIBA, FBA and SFBI 
    • Conduct mutual promotion of events to each other’s members
    • Host joint events when practical
  • Integrate programs with local businesses, nonprofits and other organizations that may be mutually beneficial.
    • Engage other chamber members, vendors and bank clients in programming in order to increase participation
    • Host two meetings at different member offices or venues to increase geographic outreach
    • Engage other bank and non-bank members

Measure of Success: Increase committee membership by 10 percent and secure outreach partners.
Partner with the Housing Solutions Task Force to find creative ways in which banks can obtain regulatory relief through community development efforts:

  • Members of the Banking & Financial Services Committee will serve on the task force
  • Host two joint meetings with the Finance Sub-committee to discuss progress of regulatory relief efforts 

Measure of success: At year end, summarize the progress and/or success of the regulatory relief efforts.

Additional Committee Programming

South Florida Economic Summit
Learn about the region’s business strengths and opportunities for growth in the New Year from CEOs and other industry leaders representing South Florida’s major economic engines.

Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
Bank of America
CareerSource South Florida
Carnival Corporation & PLC
Florida International University
Florida Power & Light
Wells Fargo