All of our efforts, directly and indirectly are intended to address the most serious issue Miami and all of South Florida, along with coastal regions around the world face: Sea Level Rise. The science is indisputable – the sea is rising and will continue to over the coming decades. Within 30 years we will very likely experience sea level rise of a foot or more and by the end of the century a rise of five feet or more is predicted. This would be devastating to South Florida and would displace millions for people, jeopardize water supplies and have a potentially catastrophic impact on business and our economy. This impact will obviously not be limited to our region but will be global in scope and scale.

We need to act on multiple fronts now to slow and limit any future sea level rise.

  • We must increase our efforts to educate and convince our leaders in all sectors that this issue is real, it is imminent, it is extremely serious and it presents us with an opportunity to engage in a unique and unified manner to protect our community for future generations. We can only do this through collaboration between business leaders, government, the not-for-profit sector and academia.
  • We must protect our built infrastructure, both existing and future.
  • We must undertake all viable ways to contribute to global efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We must aggressively and unhesitatingly promote all efforts to prevent salt water intrusion and to protect our fresh water supply.
  • We must continue to be responsible stewards of the precious environmental resources that literally surround and, in fact, protect us.

susan torriente


Susanne M. Torriente
Assistant City Manager/Chief Resiliency Officer
City of Miami Beach

Irela Bagué

Vice Chair

Irela Bagué
Bagué Group


Support the development and implementation of the 100 Resilient Cities (100 RC) strategy and ensure that the business community is both a resource and persuader to push government in toward solutions.

  • Participate on steering committee
  • Influence the priorities that benefit the members and community as a whole
  • Coordinate a Chamber Trustee luncheon on 100 RC efforts
  • Sponsor an invitation-only event among Miami-Dade county and municipal elected officials, business leaders and officials from 100 RC to focus on implementation of 100 RC recommendations
  • Develop an application process for 100 resilient businesses – a third party resource directory (adaptation/mitigation)
  • Facilitate an inter-committee event and advocacy as it relates to resiliency issues – transportation, real estate, banking and finance, and affordable housing
  • Host regular meetings with local CROs to assist where needed on the 100 RC initiative

Promote/cultivate business development/opportunities to address residential and commercial adaptation to address flooding and sea level rise.

  • Host business expo/third-annual sea level rise solutions conference
  • Track contracts awarded to and business development opportunities realized by Chamber members
  • Work with the Banking/Finance and Real Estate Committees to discuss, explore and incorporate into event how climate change and sea level rise affects/influences sales, lending, mortgages and insurance
  • Identify/define projects that members can work on – clean energy assessments, retrofits, raising properties, etc.
  • Encourage inter-committee participation with banking & finance, real estate, insurance, technology, policy and other relevant committees

Encourage all cities and counties to address aging and overdue physical infrastructure needs.

  • Work with elected officials at all levels to encourage capital investment programs to address physical infrastructure needs associated with sea level rise
  • Sponsor annual update on the state of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASAD) CIP
  • Advocate for infrastructure investments
  • Provide networking opportunities for businesses interested in participating in the WASD CIP and county/local storm water capital programs

Advocate for environmental stewardship and Everglades/Biscayne Bay restoration and funding

  • Heighten awareness through a State of the Parks event that can discuss progress or lack thereof in addressing freshwater flow issues confronting Biscayne Bay and the Everglades
  • Track advocacy and education that raises awareness
  • Conduct an educational tour and/or panel discussion
  • Support efforts to promote the economic benefits of our natural environment

Promote and explore clean energy as a business opportunity.

  • Track PACE contracts awarded to Chamber members
  • Host business expo/third-annual sea level rise solutions conference
  • Sponsor a clean energy symposium focusing exclusively on clean energy initiatives, whether community-wide or targeted to individual businesses and residences
    • Promote a conversation on alternative energy (not just solar) and what individuals can do, including residential property owners, individual business owners, investor-owned utilities, electric vehicles, Clean Edge (look at clean tech, clean energy and corporate procurement), and refitting commercial properties as well
    • Discuss strategies for a competitive market for renewables
  • Encourage tri-county efforts, regional cooperation and compacts beyond just transportation
  • Develop and disseminate messaging on the importance of resilience as a regional issue 

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