Nonprofit Business

The Nonprofit Business Committee engages the nonprofit sector within the Chamber linking nonprofit businesses with the broader business community. The Committee assists nonprofit businesses with issues management, recognizes nonprofit business management excellence through its NOVO Awards program, recognizes corporate social responsibility through its Julia Tuttle Award, develops strategic partnerships with the business community for their mutual benefit, and communicates nonprofit business accomplishments to the broader business community.



Sherry Thompson Giordano
Executive Director
PACE Center for Girls

Staff Contact


Continue to spotlight innovative excellence in nonprofit programs as well as for-profit corporate citizenship by enhancing the profile of the NOVO Awards and its recipients as well as the program and the partnership with the Association of Fund Raising Professionals regarding the Julia Tuttle Award and Annual National Philanthropy Day.

  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility among Chamber members

Support the County’s efforts to build the nonprofit training calendar and comprehensive capacity building initiative

Hold six committee meetings a year, at least four meetings focusing content on current and relevant topics in the industry with a guest speaker

Educate our Miami-Dade elected leaders on the social and economic impact on the non-profit sector in addressing our communities needs 

Additional Committee Programming

Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
Bank of America
CareerSource South Florida
Carnival Corporation & PLC
Florida International University
Florida Power & Light
Wells Fargo