Transportation & Infrastructure

Mitchell Bierman
Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman, P.L.
Sergio Abreu, Jr.
Vice Chair
Director of Local Government, Community Relations & Economic Development
Teco Energy, Inc.

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Place the Chamber at the center of the South Florida transit action with businesses and organizations interested in transportation mobility solutions for the region united under the Chamber banner:

·         Galvanize Chamber leadership to address the most impactful issue stifling economic growth by prioritizing short and long term solutions and rallying transportation agencies and government into action; include plausible funding mechanisms within proposed solutions

·         Convene interest groups to create more unified advocacy bloc for transit including pedestrian/bicycle community, education community, grass roots, other business groups, League of Cities, with emphasis on inclusiveness, millennials, start-up businesses and under-represented groups

·         Grow committee participation with specific outreach to entrepreneur community, tech industry, millennials, under-served communities and Chamber committees with related interests

·         Increase attendance in statewide meetings for larger share of state funding for region

·         Increase participation by public officials and convene round-table discussions


Increase state and local advocacy for funding and pilot programs for new technology and identify new technology as well as additional funding resources including TIF (tax increment finance), P3, P4 and alternative fare structures.


Create regional dialogue with Broward and Palm Beach Counties by holding at least one program on regional transit coordination with MPO and transit directors from all 3 agencies as well as SFRTA and All Aboard Florida.


Organize three educational forums in concert with local interested parties that address future, new and/or proven sustainable transportation technologies that solve mobility issues such as: bus rapid transit, emerging transportation technology, i.e. Hyperloop, waterborne solutions, unmanned vehicles, non-motorized/low speed vehicles, smart traffic signalization, flexible work schedules and applications targeted to best mobility solutions for individuals on their specific routes  Co-present bi-annual transit summit with Citizen’s Independent Transportation Trust. 


Support Miami-Dade County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) SMART Plan and mount an education campaign in conjunction with Miami-Dade MPO and Miami-Dade County.