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Sergio Abreu, Jr.
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A. Vicky Leiva

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A. Vicky Leiva
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Leverage partnerships and dialogue between business community, transportation officials, and local, state, and federal governmental agencies to improve transportation infrastructure and mobility through educational forums, legislative and policy initiatives and improved ridership

Educate Chamber members and business community on the latest development on transportation

  • Organize quarterly educational forums that address current and future transportation plans and initiatives of the County, TPO, MDX, SFRTA, CITT, FDOT and Brightline as appropriate
  • Organize and present Transit Day event in fall at different locations around the County to show how we can use current transit solutions to get around
  • Work with existing Ambassador Programs at universities, colleges and at the Chamber to assist the TPO and the County Transit Department in delivering grass root education to neighborhood associations on available transit and mobility programs and initiatives

Evaluate, support, and advocate for legislative and policy initiatives of the County, TPO, MDX, SFRTA, CITT, Brightline and FDOT that address local, state and federal programs that we want to adopt as policies for our community

  • Create regional dialogue with TPO and transit agencies of the tri-county area; as with SFRTA and Brightline
  • Create a coalition of Florida’s four largest urban areas (SoFla., Orlando, TPA, JAX) to advocate for state transit funding as a bloc (work with 
  • Chambers in these areas side by side TPO/MPO’s work together). Look at federal funding and alternative funding sources going away and how it impacts business and mobility
  • Advocacy for developing funding program for the SMART Plan, also includes pushing public sector to complete PD&E studies that can take three or more years. Advocate for completion of components
  • Advocate for a SMART plan with the most technologically advanced solutions, including maintaining a focus on the full plan and not singling out individual sections of the plan and focusing on first and last mile programs
  • Act as an “honest broker” to forge consensus and/or compromise between competing interests with respect to the SMART Plan
  • Advocate for funding for Underline, Ludlam Trail, SMART Plan and Transportation Quickbuild Program
  • Oppose efforts by the State to “preempt” the County on local transportation matters
  • Support the completion of Brightline to Orlando and beyond, and defend against legislative and community efforts to eliminate or cripple the program
  • Advocate for ensuring that the half-penny sales tax for transportation is dedicated towards the core purpose for which it was intended, namely expansion of the transit system
  • Support efforts to enhance MDX’s investments in transit

Partner with the County, the TPO, MDX, SFRTA and Brightline to increase the ridership of current transportation programs including Metrorail, Metromover, Metrobuses, BERT, BRT, Tri-Rail, Brightline, South Florida Vanpool and other public and private mobility programs

  • Establish a campaign targeting GMCC member businesses to educate them and their employees on available transit programs and options for employees to get to work in lieu of using their vehicles; and explore incentives towards that end
  • Encourage employers to incentivize employees to use South Florida Vanpool and educate about the benefits and gains of using the program. (County operation of South Florida Commuter Services)
  • Encourage and advocate for municipal improvements that make our streets more pedestrian/cycling friendly and walkable
  • Leverage the Chambers marketing and recognition programs to incentivize member businesses that implement programs for their employees to use public transportation
  • Encourage managers of corporations to incorporate into their long-term planning the use of technology to eliminate transportation needs by developing, distributing and promoting a Flexible Work Program toolkit for employers with templates and guidelines for establishing flex-time, telecommuting and compressed workweek schedules that will help to reduce peak-hour traffic demand

Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
Bank of America
CareerSource South Florida
Carnival Corporation & PLC
Florida International University
Florida Power & Light
Wells Fargo