New World Center (Downtown Miami)

Jack Lowell
Executive Vice President
Colliers International South Florida
Israel Kreps
Vice Chair
Kreps/DeMaria Public Relations and Marketing

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In 1976, a group of Miami’s top leaders met on the 38th floor of the new One Biscayne Tower to focus on thefuture of downtown Miami. At that time, signs of progress in downtown were stagnate, no new buildings were under construction and the existing plan for new development was near a standstill. As these leaders looked out at their city from that panoramic view, it became clear that what was lacking at that time was a plan of action.
Alvah H. Chapman, Jr., then President of The Miami Herald, was called upon to lead this action-oriented committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.
He put his vision for Miami in a nutshell:
“I have a simple philosophy. Of all the cities in America, one has to be the best. One has to make the most progress. One city has to show the way. Some city has to write the book on civic progress. Why couldn’t it be this Greater Miami community?”
That day, the group’s vision evolved into a plan of action and a new name was given to the task. They called their program the New World Center. The mission of the program was to have a catalytic influence ondowntown projects in respect of the public and private sectors.
Past Committee Chairmen
Alvah Chapman, 1976-1981
Marty Fine, 1981-1984
Alexander McW. Wolfe, Jr., 1984-1986
David Weaver, 1986-1988
Jack Lowell, 1988-1991
Philip Blumberg, 1991-1992
Larry Turner, 1992-1993
Philip Blumberg, 1993-1994
Jack Lowell, 1994-2000
Bruce Jay Colan, 2000-2006
Neisen Kasdin, 2006-2009
Joseph Serota, 2009-2011
Raul Valdés-Fauli, 2011-2012
T. Spencer Crowley III, 2012-2014
Danet Linares, 2014-2016



Coordinate with the Chamber’s Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, lead agencies and other key stakeholders to focus on downtown transportation issues.

Organize three forums on issues critical to downtown Miami; topics will include:

  • Homeless population and affordable housing
  • Update on Baywalk, Riverwalk, Museum Park/other Parks
  • Wynwood and Design District updates

Feature presentations at quarterly committee meetings; topics will include:

  • Impact fee expenditures collected on projects  and regenerated into area  for infrastructure improvements
  • Expansion of Southside Elementary, repurposing other schools
  • Port of Miami expansion/utilization

Celebrate Miami’s central business core’s growth and development:

  •  Present the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Award of Excellence for the outstanding achievements of an individual, organization and young leader who have made significant contributions and set the standard for the development of Miami’s central business core’s economy, culture, promotion, education, beautification and preservation.